Digital design

We do a lot of cool things in digital design like we do a lot of hdrawing and like for example we did this fun project that we had to make a comic book that had three pages colors and a decent cover it's called THE CUP

The next thing is that me and one of my best friends mason made a stop motion video a I thought that it was pretty cool I posted it on my YouTube channel (plz sub) but anyway yeah we made a stop motion it pretty cool

I also do some doodles in class we do some special stuff and we can also free draw here are some of the pictures the top one was one of my hardest to draw it took me about one day and a half i cut the work in half though thanks to the flood fill option in adobe draw (saves my life some- times)

One of my frist drawings ever made on my iPad

I have nothing to say I don't know why I even drew it

And if you had to pick between STEM and Digital design I would probably pick digital here's the reason ok STEM is cool and stuff like you can make robots and you have the egg drop but you cant do the egg drop without using digital designing and my friend did a pasta brige my friend said he had to use digital design andIn digital design we do alot we do a lot of drawing and we had to make a podcast about anything we wanted we so we did super smash bros aka super smash podcast the group members are mason Michael and Charles the podcast was pretty good




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