Germany Saige Angst

Germany is a country with rough land, It has many forest rivers and mountain ranges
Berlin is the capital of Germany. Germany is German speaking country. German is spoken is other countries to such as,Switzerland Austria, Italy and Belgium.

This is a video of the German language. The German language comes from the western part of Germany. German is a mix of French and English. 90-95 million people can speak German to this day.

This is the German uniform in World War 1. Germans were on a alliance with Austria and Italy.

This is a chart of Germany's religion. It is mostly Christianity and split between Catholic and Protestant's
This is one of Germany's poets. Germany's culture involves, Poetry, Architecture, Dancing, and music.
"Fussball" for as American's call it, soccer is a very popular sport of Germany , Just like American's play they have 11 players and get VERY excited at the games.
This is Claudia Schiffer. She is a German Actress, model, and a fashion designer. From the 1990's she started to become really successful and is now 1 of the most successful model in the world.
This is a Eierkuchen or as Americans call it, pancakes. This is a main course food for Germany and is fixed as a snack, lunch and dinner.
Kiel Week Regatta is a holiday in Germany where everyone races their boats and sail around each other in a ocean and is the largest sailing race in the world.
These are Goldbären the are German gummy bears. These gummy bears are like American gummy bears but their colors match their flavors more precise. Like for instants, American strawberry gummy bears are green, Strawberry gummy bears for Germany are red. They are just more precise on their colors and flavors.
These are Euro. The German money. They are all different colors as you can see and each color represents a different amount of money.
A famous inventor is German and was even born in German. Now i know that you are not German just if you born in Germany but i did some research on it at
Joachim Gauck is the president of Germany.
Germany was one of the first to adapt Daylight Savings Time
In Germany you are not punished if you escape prison
The houses in Germany are close together and tall with skinny features and pointed roughs
This is a German Castle, It is one of the most Famous in the world

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