Cottage Design Project By: Sevan


We were given the chance to design a cottage for Coach and Ms V. We had to fit the boundaries so that our design wouldn't go beyond 100 meters squared and the house had to include certain rooms. We had to create a blueprint showing the layout of the cottage with all of the dimensions of the rooms labeled. Aside from the bird's eye view, we had to write blueprints showing the front of the cottage and the side of the cottage. Then, we had to recreate our house to scale, using TinkerCad. Finally, we had to calculate some of the costs of the things Coach and Ms V want done.


My main priority was making the living room the largest room in the house, as it would probably be used the most. I also wanted the living room and the kitchen to be connected.

Bird's Eye View of the cottage

Area of cottage: (8)(12)=96m squared

Area of Living Room: (5)(4.5)=22.5m squared - Just over 25% of the cottage

Scale: 1cm=0.5m

Side (labeled Side 1) View and Front View of the cottage

Height of Walls: 3m

Height of Roof: 1m

Volume of cottage: 288m cubed

Side (labeled Side 2) View and Back View of the cottage


View of multiple sides with roof
Bird's Eye View with roof
Bird's Eye View without roof
Front View
Back View
Side (Side 2) View
Side (Side 1) View


We had to calculate how much it would cost to paint the outside walls, apply shingles onto the roof, and have heating for the winter.

Calculations for the Costs of the Paint (60 Euros) and the Heating (1,296 Euros)

For Cost of Paint: Area of all the walls-Area of all the windows=Area Paint needs to cover (99.22m squared)

Since 1 can covers 40m squared, 3 cans of paint are needed.

For Cost of Heating: (Volume of cottage)(Cost of one cubic meter for one month)=Cost of cottage heating for one month

(Cost of cottage heating for one month)(Amount of months)=Cost of cottage heating from Dec-Feb

Calculations for the Costs of the Shingles (900 Euros)

For Cost of Shingles: Phytagorean Theorum was used to find out the sides of the roof.

Area of Roof Face 1+Area of Roof Face 2=Area Shingles need to cover (97.28m squared)

Since 1 bundle covers 10m squared, 10 bundles are needed.


Overall, the Vreugdenhils would have to pay a total of 2,256 Euros in order to enjoy spending time in their cosy, Canadian cottage!


Thanks for listening! :)



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