Adventures In food photography

I had wanted to experiment with photographing food and beverages for several years and finally made the commitment at the beginning of 2016. The last twelve months have been fun, and at times frustrating, but a learning experience. The following images are some of my favorites from the past year.

Sheer Delight

I tend to like dark and moody photography. This image is one of my first attempts. I learned right away the importance of working quickly-certain foods tend to melt!

Left: Waiting for Santa, Right: Cupcakes Galore

One of the handicaps I encountered was my lack of culinary skills. Fortunately I have some friends who love to bake. My friend Heather creates the most beautiful cookies-and her cupcakes are pretty awesome, too.

Blueberry Scones

My friend Sam is also an incredible baker, and he made these blueberry scones.

A Taste of Honey

I included beverages in my adventure and was inspired for this bourbon image after discovering professional food photographer Steve Hansen.

The Splash

This is a composite of four images to get the best of all the splashes. It only took 49 drops of the olives.


I found this fancy bottle in an upscale liquor store. Then I added the chocolate. The little lens flare was created with an app called Alien Sky.

Hot Peppers

I purchased food and drink for photographic purposes. I also grew some vegetables for the same reason. These hot peppers came from my summer garden. I processed the image with Snapseed: an awesome app and it's free.

Here are more homegrown items. Setting the scene is very important in food photography. Try to tell a story with the combination of props you use.

I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon light for this image.


Being creative with focus and depth of field can also help you tell your story.

Christmas Wine

I learned about making a gradient with light, even making my own strip light from a cardboard box and old shower curtain.

I will continue learning how to photograph food and drinks in 2017.

Created By
Mia Lisa Anderson


All images by Mia Lisa Anderson