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Lesson 1

Why and what make apps so popular?

It seems to me coherent that apps are downloaded by the fact that they are useful for us. It might be as an entertainment source, for education, for social interaction, etc. In my opinion the most popular apps have that position because they are helpful and fill a necessity that people has.

Top apps:

Facebook: It's an escential app for comunication that solves the problem of long distance interaction bareers.

Youtube: It allows you to watch your favorite music, videos, tutorials, as well as you can share yours.

Google Drive: This application is the most popular cloud service. It helps you storing files in a cloud instead of occupying your own device storage.

Google Chrome: As the number one web navigator, Google Chrome provides almost unlimited access to the whole global wisdom.

WhatsApp: This is another app made for social interaction, which makes communication way easier than ever. It just requires internet connection to contact anyone you wish.

Microsoft Office: It's a helpful tool that anyone can use to create and transmit any message in form of document, slides or other formats.


Lesson 2

Dreamed apps wishlist:

*Dreams recorder

*Thoughts writer

*Memes mood

*Wish conceiver

*Jokes teller

*Homeworks and shores assistant

*Curiosities, facts and mights book

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Lesson 3

Wants and need of the market

When making an app is important to have a target audience because the app's development and features will be in accordance to their wants and needs. The market can be divided into groups to identify and satisfy the specific demands for each market segment. For example a kid rather chose a game that entertains him instead of a fact book.

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Lesson 4

Rank by UI design:

1.- Youtube

For me it has one of the best UI design because it's simple find something useful for you, and it isn't necessary to know much about computers to carry on with Youtube.

2.- Google Chrome

It has the second place because searching has never been so easy. It simplifies enormously the research job. But I gave it the second place because you need certain amount of knowledge to know in which pages look up.

3.- Google Drive

It is a simple and useful way to save and share your files. It has an excellent UI design. The interaction between Drive and new users goes smooth, it simply flows.

4.- Facebook

It's a great social network and really useful. The UI design and UX are great but sometimes the users have trouble for doing what they desire.

5.- Whatsapp

Whatsapp has a simple UI design, and you can't do much but communicating. Also sometimes for people that is not used to technology it might result a bit difficult sending certain stuff for example documents.

6.- Microsoft Office

Eventhough it's useful it results to be a tool that most of the population doesn't know how to take complete advantage from all of its characteristics.

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Lesson 5

Problem Hunters:

For some apps that I wish to have, we don't have yet the ability to create them because they are advanced for our time.

But for the ones that are feasible for example: Curiosites, facts and mights book.

This app has as a purpose to entertain people and also helps them acquiring new knowledge. Actually it exists several apps in the store about this,but they can be upgraded with use of new ideas and a different and better user interface. Also this app mostly satisfies people with available time and that want to learn more and new stuff.

Also it's important for an app to be disruptive; I think that one of the most important thing to have in mind is that the app has cool content and a nice and simple UI. In this way consumers would reccommend the app and will be disruptive.

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Lesson 6

Ideas seeking solutions:

App 1

  • App name: Cool facts and curiosities
  • Problem: It will help people satisfy thir desire for knowledge hunger.
  • My app will let people spare their time on something enriching for them. This app will provide cool and uptaded facts that people would me interested in. It is to fill the gap of time in which you don't have anything useful to do or by own likes.

App 2

  • App name: Plantae
  • Problem: It will aid people to set up their own garden at home by giving tips and a complete guide of plants and time of watering.
  • This app will be useful for people that might dont have a clear idea of where to begin or to which they already have plantations and they need to remember when to water their plants or also cool tips to improve people's gardening skills.
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Lesson 7

  • Click the button below to show you my "Boogie Bot"

Feature Smashing:

For our app "Plantae"; it is feasible to get a hand from the device features.

For example:

  • Camera: Take a picture to your plant and build a virtual model of your garden out of the plant's pictures. Or use you plants pictures to know which one to water.
  • GPS: The GPS is able toprovide your height above the sea level, so the app can gather this info and give you the most recomendable plants to carry out your project. Also by using the GPS the can know and identify where you are in order to give you advices for your type of climate.
  • Touchscreen: It is useful for the UI and makes it simplier to navigate through out the entire app.


Lesson 8

Idea Storm... Again

App features list:

  • Watering timer that notifies when is time to water the plants.
  • Take pictures to your plants in order to recognize which one is which.
  • Plants guide.
  • Tips based on your weather, location and altitude (By using GPS).
  • Guide to know how to take care of certain types of plants.
  • Advices to make you a better gardener.
  • Virtual design of your actual or future plans for your garden.
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Lesson 9

Do your research.

I've checked the app store and there are several similiar apps, but in general what I've observed they can be improved and there are several comments in the review box. Also those apps are not completely the same to what our app is planned to be.


  • Waterbot: This app helps you to know when it's time to water your plants and send you notifications for you not to forget it.
  • Huerto en Casa: It provides several tips and information about the plants you have and how to take care of them.
  • InfoJardin: InfoJardin gives you tutorials of how to take along your project by helping you in the first steps of planting.

After reading the user reviews and analyzing these apps I've find out that there are problems mainly from the UI, poor information and something important was that people wanted to add comments or notes to their plants.

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Lesson 10

Designer Apps.

- Primary Themes:

  • Clarity: The design of the interface would be simple and easy to understand, this will motivate a constant navigation through the app.
  • Deference: The user will be able to experiment this app with out knowing much, this means that the process that the user will do will be designed in such way that they can know what's next.
  • Depth: Our app will have smooth movements and a realistic image to facilitate the understanding of the user.

- Design Pinciples:

  • Consistency: The app will provide familiar standards for users, and will have intuitive management which people will be able to distinguish in a matter of seconds.
  • Feedback: In order for people to know that they're on the right track tha app will implement feedbacks to help users have a better experience.
  • Direct Manipulation: The app will make use of the participation of the user for example the use of the cell phone's camera.
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Lesson 11

First Impressions

First impressions are very important because people can quickly find out what is the app about and the first impression from it will tell if they'll use it regularly or if they will erase it.

  • Appealing Icon: From what I've looked in the App Store, the most appealing apps' icons are those which have a good design and which are easy to understand what's the app about.
  • Right into the action: The initial view of an app needs to catch the attention of the user since the first look. It's not recommendable to display a login screen or a big button. So in order to have an attract users the app needs an initial view of something interesting or important things for the user.
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