World War I: Trench Warfare Survival Guide Nora Harper


Helmets were used in World War I because of the advancements in machinery, and weaponry. Soldiers needed a better protective source to try and keep their head safe and secure. WWI experienced the beginning of the steel helmets, as they spread throughout the battlefield for the reassurance of safety (Watanabe).


Socks were a necessity when it came to working in the trenches. Socks helped protect you feet from objects that could be easily stepped on. It won't save your feet but it will provide some cushion and protection. A common virus that people got was Trench Foot. Trench Foot is when feet are exposed to damp, cold, and unsanitary places for long amounts of time (Wikipedia).


An entrenching tool was used to help dig and help create a trench. This was one of the first tools used in trenches. This tool was not used to dig large trenches, it was usually used to start a trench, and or do minor work in a smaller one (Brosnan). This helped by making you not have to do all of the work manually, with your hands.


Gas Masks were used to help protect soldiers from the gasses in the air. This mask would filter out the bad chemicals in the air, and the soldiers would receive oxygen (Brosnan). There were eye holes so you could see, and the tube running from your mouth out into the air which is where the filter was placed.


Camouflage was helpful during World War I because they could hide in the trenches and make it look like they were not there (Brosnan). Soldiers found this as a key tip because the chance of death went down as more people became not as noticeable. The camouflage was usually a one natural color to help blend into everything else.

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