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Alaska is the 4th least populated state in the us although it has the largest state by land area. Alaska has 148 cities, with an overall population of 710,231 citizens.

The majority of Alaska is uninhabitable. Most cities are on the islands or on the shoreline. Alaska is in the arctic circle which causes problems dealing with the colder climate. But that doesn't stop gold miners.

Alaska has a lot of gold mines, which was the major reason for population migration.

The popular tv show (Yukon gold) features the Yukon river which flows through Alaska and Canada. They use the river to fish out pans of gold.

The native populations have lived there for much longer than the miners; A migration trail has never been fully proved/discovered.

Existing Alaskan tribes - the IƱupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and multiple Northern Athabaskan cultures

Alaska's most prominent feature is the aleutian island chain, which curls out to the left of the state.

There are also many mountain ranges, Denali being one of them.

The Yukon river flows through Alaska.

Absolute location - 64.2008 N and 149.4937 W.

Relatively it is north west of Canada and east of Asia.

Alaska is a state in the USA but like Hawaii it is separated from the rest.

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