Self-Designed Exhibit Sleep Schedule


Sleeping enough has always been a struggle of mine since high school started because that's when I was given a little more freedom to do what I want before I go to bed. Often times, I would stay up for hours playing video games or messing around on my phone which harmed my grades in high school. My parents eventually took my phone away at night and thus the issue was resolved. Now that I am in college the same problem has risen and has harmed me yet again. It cause me to miss classes due to me being too tired and lazy to actually get up and go. It has made my days start much later than needed by most people and is overall harmful. So, I decided to try for two weeks to keep track of my sleep schedule and try to find ways to stop myself from staying up so late. The results below are a record of when I went to bed, when I woke up, and the total amount of sleep obtained that night. My exhibit was supposed t show that if I get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night, I will be much more productive the following day and hopefully assist my grades. I recorded a log for two weeks in order to determine my sleeping habits and see how I can help myself get to sleep on time.


( I'm sorry that it takes up so much space but is so small, I do not know how to alter this)

1) My phone is my enemy and my friend! When I decided to put that phone down right when I got to bed, I had a much easier time falling asleep. I think it may be because of how my phone stimulates brain activity and so when you eventually put it down, your mind continues to race. My phone used to trap me and it was the most difficult part of this exhibit to actually put it down for the night

2) Me and my roommate talk way too much prior to bed. More often than not, I instigate the conversation but we can and will talk for hours prior to actually falling asleep and it was very difficult to tell him that I needed to go to bed and that we could talk tomorrow morning.

Sometimes I feel like my roommate and I are two teenage girls gossiping about dumb stuff

3) If I don't do some sort of physical activity during the day to take out some of that excess energy, I physically cannot fall asleep. You could tell at some dates on the chart that I went to bed really late because I didn't work out or play a sport that day which meant that all my pent up energy stayed inside of me and stopped me from being able to sleep!


This exhibit was absolutely miserable in completing because I was so used to going to bed whenever I felt like it but in hindsight I'm really glad that I took this experiment on in order to accomplish my goal of getting more sleep. I've improved my sleeping habits and although I'm not perfect, it seems like my grades are improving ever so slightly. Again, this has always been a big issue of mine and I hope by doing this experiment and learning how phones, talking, and exercise prevent me from being able to sleep will enable me to succeed in the future. Otherwise, I felt well-rested, happier, and had a much easier time getting up in the morning as a result.

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