Adventures in Quarantine: Teachers It's been a while since we've seen our wonderful teachers! Here's what some of them have been up to over this extended break.

"While in quarantine I built a new fence in my yard. It will help keep the doggies in! Building things helps me channel stress, and keeps me creating in some way. It's also great functional fitness. Stay safe kids!" - Steve Coron

"We went off-roading and geocaching on the trails in St. Helen. I love the range of activities nature provides. Exploring with my family is my favorite quarantine activity." - Becky Brent

“Hidin’ with the kids, hidin’ with the wife. I put up a zip line so my kids can enjoy life!” - Jack Wagner

"Every day I take a long walk with my twin sister. She in East Lansing, and I, here in Ann Arbor. We talk the whole time — and we never run out of things to talk about. It is saving me to move my body, be in nature and stay connected." - Robbie Stapleton

"I organized a get-together on Zoom of family members from all over the US. We started by catching up with each other and then played a singing game called "Antakshari". The different rounds included singing (or playing on an instrument) a favorite song as a family, recognizing famous movie tunes in a "Showdown" and singing songs based on different themes (language/age no bar). It was super fun! It's become a tradition for us now." - Maneesha Mankad