How to Become a Sports Medicine Doctor By: Allie Mccabe

Job Description: Help all people overcome, prevent and recover from sports related injuries.

A sports medicine doctor needs to go to school for at least 12 years, sometimes even longer. The license needed to be a sports medicine doctor is a bachelor degree, a M.D and you need to go to medical school as well.

  • Some qualities needed to be successful in this job are:
  • integrity
  • concern for others
  • dependability
  • understanding
This is a sports medicine doctor, In this image he is showing attention to detail when he is reading an xray.

The salary for a sports medicine doctor is about $187,000 a year.

  • Skills needed to be successful in this job are:
  • verbal and conversational skills
  • ideas and logic
  • visual understanding
  • attention to detail
Doctors have to be able to talk to their patients and inform them on their injuries.
  • My goals:
  • I will become a sports medicine doctor after I graduate school and get my M.D.
  • How I'll get there:
  • First, I will research more about doctors in the next 2 years of middle school.
  • Second, I will do well in all my classes during middle school and high school.
  • Third, I will take the right classes in high school such as biology and medicine.
  • Fourth, I will go to college for at least 4 years and do an internship at a doctor’s office/hospital for a year.
  • Fifth, I will finish all of my required school and get a job at a doctor’s office/hospital by the time I am 35.
The man in the image above may be doing an internship at this sports medicine clinic.

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