Sports Instuctor a career that interests me: by Rexx Cromer

Three attributes required for this job is:

  • You have to be good with people as in communication
  • You have to be a leader and have leader ship abilities
  • You have to be patient with the person you are working with
I used this picture because Abe was a great leader and to be a sports instructor, you have to be a leader

How much is the salary?:

  • The salary for this job is 17,000 to 66,000 dollars yearly
  • You can get paid 12 to 20 dollars by the hour

5 Job responsibilities for this job are:

  • Motavate the people that you work with to build their confidence
  • Asses skills and assign game positions
  • Teach students the rules of the sport and show them how to use equipment
  • May teach teamwork and strategy to teams or help individuals develop stamina
  • Help the people with moves

Schooling and Training:

  • It takes a high school deploma
  • A 2 year Technical Training or college Deploma
  • A 4 year college or university deploma

3 Colleges:

  • University of Louisville: In Louisville, KY or Kentucky
  • Morehead State University: In Morehead, KY or Kentucky
  • Dallas Baptist University: In Dallas, TX or Texas

3 Similar careers are:

  • Pro-Athlete
  • Sports Offical
  • Coach

Other Resources:



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