Florida Museum of Natural History Charles Harris

Harris, Charles. “In front of a Cavern in Museum” 2017. JPEG.

Behind me in the picture is a model of a Florida cave. For me the Florida cavern system is the most exciting and jaw dropping feature of Florida. Inside you will find stalagmites and stalactites covering the ceiling in floor. In addition you will see small streams of water running on the sides of the cavern while rays of light pierce through small holes in the ceiling. Through any other medium it would have been impossible to fully appreciate the beauty of the cavern. Nothing compares with complete immersion.

Harris, Charles. “In the butterfly rain forest” 2017. JPEG.

The butterfly rain forest is the best way the museum has for visitors to interact with nature. Inside you are surround by vegetation, running water, and most important butterflies. This allowed for complete submersion into the environment. All of the visitors happily watched these beautiful butterflies fly across the enclosure and we marveled at the little things like the small waterfalls. This is one of the few opportunities I have had in a controlled environment to experience what Leopard believed. At the end it did make me feel somewhat responsible for preserving things like this but at the same time it made me realize that the only part I see worth preserving is the landscape but not the butterflies.

Harris, Charles. “In front of a Mammoth” 2017. JPEG.

The Natural History Museum does a good job of recognizing the mystery and majesty of the world. It shows us things like the mammoth behind or a giant sloth in another exhibit that just leave us in shock. It reminds us of the things that once existed on this earth and the complexity of nature all together. We can even apply this to ourselves as we think about how far our kind has come in a relatively short time. With just the limited quantity of seemingly extraordinary things within the walls of the museum it is a reminder of the limitless possibility in the universe.

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