What is Garlic Mustard? by: Maya stein

What is Garlic Mustard? Garlic Mustard is an invasive plant that was originally located in Europe and Asia. This plant has eventually spread to most of North America. The reason this plant was spread is mostly because of immigrants. They brought it to North America as an edible herb which was then discovered as a threat to their native plants. The wild plant has become one of Ontario's most aggressive forest invader.

What does Garlic Mustard do?Garlic Mustard crowds out native plants and invades wildlife habitats. It also produces chemicals that kill other living things around it. This invasive species can be seen in early spring and will usually be located in areas such as: shaded ground in wet forests,trails and roadsides. The Garlic Mustard is spreading across the continent at a rate of 6400 square kilometers per year!!

What are some adaptations Garlic Mustard has? Garlic Mustard carries many adaptations and characteristics including structural, physical and behavioral.



Physical adaptations include choking other plants (killing herbivores) and destroying habitat of animals, insects and other plants.

Sorry, not gonna happen

Garlic Mustard doesn't smell so good either. unless you like the smell of garlic, your not going to love the smell of Garlic Mustard.

It will probably end up smelling more like........



  • Common name: garlic mustard
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Family: cabbage
  • Order: Brassicales
  • Genus: Alliaria
  • Species: Alliaria petiolata

How does Garlic Mustard migrate to new areas? Garlic Mustard is spread like many other plans are. The seeds will dry out, then get blown away creating new areas for the plant to grow. Animals can also help with this process by stepping on the seeds and carrying them with the animal until they eventually fall off.

Although I've made it seem so, Garlic Mustard isn't all bad, in fact it was brought to North America for food and medical purposes. And even though it is dangerous to wildlife, Garlic Mustard is still used for seasoning and as spices.

Ever since Garlic Mustard became a well known invasive species,people have started taking charge. Even people who are just pulling them out of their garden or farm land are helping our ecosystem stay healthy and stable. on the other hand,there are organizations (which I will list in a minute) that are doing their best to prevent Garlic Mustard from spreading any further. Although there are many methods to removing the plant, it could take years to clear a region.

Efforts to prevent Garlic Mustard:

1. NCC.

NCC (Nature conservancy Canada) is taking charge to clear West Virginia White of Garlic Mustard. They claim to be reducing habitat fragmentation and control populations.


What I mean by educating people is simply people creating websites and organizations to help spread the word about Garlic Mustard.

This button will take you to a website that is a perfect example of what I listed above.

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