War Between Fans favorite star

Nowadays, many girls have their favorite star. They even show their love to these stars in a very crazy way.

crazy way
  • Girl 1 is the girl who loves star 1.
  • Girl 2 is the girl who loves star 2.
  • Girl 3 is the girl whose favorite star didn't get the opportunity to win the price. She likes star 3.

A Korean TV serial called <reply 1997>

Two groups of people who support different famous music group had a fight with each other while arguing about which group will win the price.


sad and became reconciled

became reconciled

To show three girls expression about their love to the stars

To show star 1 and star 2 gain the opportunity to get a important price, but star 3 doesn't get the opportunity.

To show girl 3 is so sad that she doesn't come to school for a long time

To show both of star 1 and star 2 lose the price

I know I'm very handsome, but don't love me in a crazy way. Thank You !

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