Tour of the Harn Zach Bragg

Come on an adventure with me into the Harn! Where magic awaits!! Upon entering the first thing to catch my eye was the impressive, draped piece of artwork lining the wall. This was the first of very interesting art works and exhibits. Exhibits were diverse, ranging from the in your face attitude of the Guerilla Girls, the interesting and vexing rituals of the African mask festivals and the serene and calming Asian exhibit. This museum's various and distinct exhibits made for a relaxing and interesting way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Medium of the Art

My favorite medium and what stood out the most to me was 'Oil on Canvas' paintings. I felt that this medium evoked the most feeling and emotion out of me when I saw it. It made the paintings look real to me. I felt I was there, experiencing what was going on in the paintings. I think it was the soft features of the oil and the visible detail of each brush stroke that made me feel that way. For the painting with the three men (bottom right) it made me feel like this was a real, tangible moment in history. For the painting of winter (bottom left) it made me feel sad and lost and somewhat empathetic when I saw it. And Lastly, for the painting of Tokyo I felt that I was there and really experiencing the bright lights and hurry of the city. It made me feel calm.

Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II - Yvonne Jacquette
Left; Central Park Winter - Emil Ganso. Right; Three Men at Union Square - Isabel Bishop

Design of the Museum

An exhibit I found very appealing was the Asian Art Exhibit. Walking up to the entrance, the open, spacious area was very inviting and calming. My gaze was immediately drawn to the two big exhibits in the back center of the room, and then drawn to the Japanese garden that lay just beyond the outside rear windows. The garden with its pond, waterfall, small bridge and greenery contributed to the calm, soothing, peaceful atmosphere. I enjoyed circling the center room and having smaller specific exhibits placed along the external walls of the rooms, which created interest all the while allowing one to experience and maintain that feeling of space. It was interesting to travel into a separate room and see Korean artifacts, big and small with explanations provided for all of them too. It felt like I was stepping into Korea.

Asian Art Exhibit Entrance
Asian Garden - Asian Art Exhibit

Art and Core Values

Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1 - Rineke Dijkstra

This photograph struck me the most when I looked at it. The description, which is cut out from view in this photo, states that this artist's photographs deal largely with issues of identity formation. It also states that her 'subjects' are captured during transitional moments in their lives (i.e. infancy, adolescence, or after giving birth). Her photography shows vulnerability of the human condition. What really stood out to me in this photograph was that I felt I could actually see the adolescent state in the girl. I felt I could see, from that moment in the photograph on, all the difficulties and confusion she would experience going through adolescence and growing up in society and I imagined that how she sees the world now and how the world sees her would change.

Art and the Good Life

The Guerilla Girls exhibit. The sarcastic, caustic flyers/leaflets/ prints reveal how totally underrepresented women and minorities are in every aspect of life. The inequality that women and minorities (blacks as revealed in this exhibit) experience is seen in the art world too. This exhibit made me question the convention I had that the predominately male art world was 'normal' and made me realize that lack of representation, sexism and racism are strong currents that exist in the art world. The theme this exhibit addresses is the rights of individuals for equality. It evokes in me a wish to help the underdog, to right the wrong; to go and promote the rights of these individuals who are so underrepresented.

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