Bob Dylan A INCREDIBLE musican

Early Life

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born on may 24,1941 in Duluth,Minnesota. his dad caught polio,which left him with a limp. Robert changed his name twice. little Richard,Chuck Berry,and Elvis Presley where very inspirational to Bob.He listened to gospel music,blues,and black rhythms and blues. He loved the stand up style of little Richard,and tried to Imitate little Richard. When he was ten He got a lesson from his cousin on piano and loved it so much he decided to teach himself. He went to Hibbing high school and formed a band called the golden cords. They split up and he joined a nameless band. He graduated high school in June,1959.

Why is Bob Dylan famous?

He was in the Ed Sullivan show. Bob Dylan was in the newport festival in 1963. People thought Bob's solo performance at Newport in 1964 to be a disaster. He was in the New York times. He was in a film called don't look back. Bob was in many concerts. He had a relationship with Joan Baez,another famous singer. His dad died in 1968. He did not have a good relationship with his father but he became closer to his mother and brother when he saw them at the funeral. He took part in civil rights movements. He played in front of thousands of people during the march on Washington. Bob Dylan believed in civil rights. He stopped protest music and moved on to rock.

Later in Life

Bob Dylan went to college in the university of Minnesota. Bob Dylan played the guitar and harmonica at the same time. Bob Dylan stopped going to college completely to perform at the 10 o'clock scholar cafe. Bob Dylan would perform all night and only get ten dollars,sometimes Bob Dylan would not get paid at all! But as long as there was a crowd in the cafe Bob Dylan was happy. Bob Dylan was presented with the medal of freedom in 2012,president Barack Obama presented Bob Dylan with this amazing award. Bob Dylan has many songs and albums. Bob Dylan is currently 75 years old. To this day,he is still making music and there will be much much more music by Bob Dylan!

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