Overpopulation: Is It Really An Issue? Connor Oswald and Jonathon Mannino

Definition and Description

Overpopulation is the condition of being populated with excessively large numbers.

Why Is It Important We Know About Overpopulation?
  • Overpopulation can worsen global warming, environmental pollution, and other global problems.
Cause/ Severity of Overpopulation
  • Overpopulation is caused by advancing medicine, and new technology allowing people to live longer.
  • Overpopulation is not a very severe problem, because the population growth rate will cap off at some point in time.
Effects of Overpopulation on the Environment
  • As the population of Earth grows, the demand on our natural resources will also rise.
  • The demand for these resources will deplete our supplies.
  • The waste from the growing human population can also affect animal life.
The stages of overpopulation.
Some potential solutions could include:
  • Overpopulation Awareness campaigns
  • There could be tax benefits for only having 1 or 2 children
  • A Think Tank could be created to devise solutions and make people aware of Overpopulation.
Pros and Cons:
  • Pro: A global campaign could reach people worldwide. Con: A global campaign would be expensive.
  • Pro: The stipend could help people in poverty. Con: Those tax dollars would be coming out of the Government.
  • Pro: People could have an impact on other people about this issue. Con: People would have to join the Think Tank for it to actually work.
Our Solution

We would suggest having a 1-2 child limit for a certain period of time. This limit would slow population growth for long enough to prevent overpopulation.

Facts about overpopulation
  1. Population growth is partially driven by the ever increasing life expectancy.
  2. The population of the US tripled during the 20th century
  3. Between 1999 and 2011, the worlds population increased by 1 billion.
  4. About 108 billion people have lived throuought history.
  5. The worlds population hit 1 billion in 1804.
  6. Standing side by side, the world's population could fit in 500 square miles.
  7. The rate of population growth has slowed down.
  8. Population growth is projected to cap off somewhere between 9 and 12 billion people.
  9. It will take about 39 years for the population to grow to 9 billion.
  10. Right now, the population growth rate is 1.13% per year.

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