Alvin York WW1

Alvin York was an American soldier and was famous for capturing more than 132 German soldiers. He was later promoted to a sergeant and received the medal of honor.

Medal of Honor

Early Life: Alvin York was born on December 13, 1887. He was born in the town of Pall Mall, Tennessee. He was the third of eleven children in his family. To help support his family he worked on the railroad and then as a logger. He was devoted to his family and work. Alvin was also an alcoholic which led him to get in saloon fights and arrested. Despite those issues he went to church weekly.

Military Life: He was drafted into the war and got put into the Company G apart of the US army. Once he was drafted he had to start training and stop all of his addictions. He was a very skilled soldier. York killed 132 soldiers which is almost a whole army. These actions silenced the German machine guns. Shortly after York was promoted Sergeant and received Distinguished Service Cross. York by the end of war received 50 medals.

After WW1: In the 1920s York formed the Alvin C. York foundation which helped students in Tennessee get the proper education. He concentrated on fundraising but yet other people were slightly disappointed because they wanted to know about the war but he always said "I occupied one space in a fifty mile front. I saw so little it hardly seems worthwhile discussing it. I'm trying to forget the war in the interest of the mountain boys and girls that I grew up among."

Death: York suffered from health problems throughout his life. He had gallbladder surgery in the 1920s and suffered from pneumonia in 1942. By 1945 he weighed 250 pounds and in 1948 he had a stroke. More strokes and another case of pneumonia followed, and he was confined to bed from 1954, further handicapped by failing eyesight. He was hospitalized several times during his last two years. York died at the Veterans Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 2, 1964, of a cerebral hemorrhage.



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