Regulate By Finntronaut


2018 | Metal

“We're all just overgrown children, can't be held responsible. -- Who's going to pave the roads and feed the poor without coercive tolls? -- People are scum, won't voluntarily donate. -- They'll starve to death without the feeding hand of the state."
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Luke Tatum

As Sherry pointed out for the last Finntronaut song, the lyrics here aren't really too great. It's awesome to have as many people as possible aware of and speaking out against the evils of the state, but some musical contributions are better than others. The instrumentation and performance is fine in my book, it's just the lyrics that fall a bit flat. Something that I do appreciate even here, is this concept: "We're all just overgrown chilrdren, can't be held responsible." Tom DiLorenzo and many others have spoken about this "infantilization" of the public, by extending public school to the youngest and oldest extremes possible. If you are literally raised by the state until you are in your mid-20's, your first few years in the private sector are really an adjustment period. You have to get your "land legs" after being completely divorced from the real world for so many years. But some people go even longer without becoming grounded. Some never enter the private sector at all, instead being absorbed into academia. It's a preposterous notion that allows people to stay children in perpetuity, and I think we are tasting the fruits of this today.

Sherry Voluntary

I think y'all know by now this growling stuff isn't generally my chip of tea. Finntronaut has great music and the videos are on point though. People talk a lot about freedom, but what they really want is to regulate every bad thing out of existence. Of course, we know that's not possible and just leads to tyranny. I guess that's why it's so amusing when people can me a utopianist. I know there are no utopias. I know there will always be bad things in the world and I about the reality that you cannot regulate away evil. The Statists are the real Utopians, that's why they get so worked up about their particular party winning. They truly behoove of they vote harder next time they'll win, and the cycle continues.

Nicky P

Such a tongue in cheek song. We know the state is magical so bring on on tyrannical. It's an interesting choice to open with the images of slaves picking cotton. Government sanctioned industry at its finest. Regulations in business have historically been in place to keep out the riff-raff. Minimum wage laws were put in place to freeze out minority workers notoriously and openly. Modern licensure laws hurt minorities more who are disproportionately poor and keeps them from creating their own businesses. In general regulations are loved by corporate powers who want tom maintain hegemony in an industry. It's no surprise the Facebooks and Googles of the world are begging for regulation. Compliance costs mean they can keep on with business as usual while raising the bars to anyone competing against them. It's odd to me that so many of my statist friends cant at least see how the government is just there to justify the whims of and force compliance to corporate entities.

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Nicky P

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