Adventure Land Lose yourself in the adventure, find yourself in the journey!

Our Motto

Our Seal Is a Walking stick because adventurers use walking sticks.

Our Mission is to motivate people to be more active and to find an adventure at least three times a week.

Where we live.
Our Homes

Community Rules

  • You must go on at least three adventures a week.
  • An adventure must be an activity out in nature that is at least one hour.
  • Walk or ride you bike to school or work.
  • Bed time is no later than ten o'clock.
  • You must be awake before six o'clock.
  • Speak nice thing about other citizens, never the bad.
  • You must go to school until you graduate.
  • Students will learn everything they need to know by the age of eighteen.
  • Everyone will get a job.
  • No stealing, littering, killing, or getting in very bad fights.

Adventure land is located on Fernando De Noronha off the coast of Brazil, a small but, fun island. It is super beautiful and has some unexplored places to explore and Adventure.

daily Schedule

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Six O'clock: Wake up, get dresses, Eat breakfast
  • Seven O'clock: Go to school or work
  • Noon: eat lunch
  • One O'clock: Come home and kids do homework
  • Two O'clock: Free Time/adventure time
  • Six O'clock: Eat Dinner
  • Seven O'clock: Family Time
  • Ten O'clock: Bed time
  • Saturdays: Free time/Adventure time all day
  • Sunday: Rest day

We are a Democracy. This means that we elect a New President or leader every four years and the people have a say in what we do.

Moana, Our Current Leader

Come Live in Adventure Land. You never know what your next ADVENTURE will be!

By Danielle Saxey and Riley Christensen

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