KANSAS WEEK 13 UPDATE Aflac Kansas Outlaws

Q1 Power Weeks in the books. FAME Achieved!!! We are so PROUD of the Kansas Outlaws!!

FAME is the name of the game! WE DID IT! All the hard work we've done as a team has paid off!! Kansas achieved its 1st FAME in 17 quarters! Kansas was also announced as the #1 FAME Market in the country in Q1. An unbelievable 75% of our coordinators achieved FAME! We also had 25 AFAME qualifiers! It's amazing what we can accomplish when we are all pulling in the same direction! Thank you for your hard work this quarter and your dedication to success! We came out during power weeks with guns a blazing, in true Outlaw fashion!

Final Powerweeks Numbers!!!

Team, here is a quick look at your Power Weeks Commitments and where you ended up. So many of you blasted your goals! Congratulations!
Congratulations to all of our q1 AFAME qualifiers!

Congratulations to Annie Bass, Angela Bhakta, Amber Chaffee, Karen Compton, Lauren Harris, Wanda Snyder, Mary Teichgraeber, Linda Jones, Allan Amrein, Anthony Conner,

Lisa Horak, Wendi Horak, Ryan Windholz, Saida Sosa, Patty Zoeller, John Wetig, Jordon Cameron, Janet Long, David Nelson, Stacy Denning, Andi Berzani & Nicole Rooney for knocking out Q1 AFAME Qualifications!!! AMAZING!

Q2 AFAME Criteria

Please note the category changes for 2nd quarter

There has never been a better time to be successful!

Contest Updates:

Congratulations to those that are in the Tesla drawing! Stay tuned for details on the drawing...

Are you a Veteran Superstar?? The Superstar Contest runs from Week 5-13. Achieve 10% year-over-year growth for traditional EAP for 3-249 lives for the contest period and a minimum of $15,000 in Traditional EAP for 3-249. The top 30 associates per territory with highest percentage of overall year-over-year AP growth win the trip to HQ. Congratulations to the ( unofficial ) Winners!

Mary Teichgraeber

Donna Haskins

Jason White

Karen Compton

Patty Zoeller

AJ Chrest, Matt Gant, Brian Leitzel, James Cole, Frank King, Angela Cook, Rusty Helin, Robert Faught, Jim Fletcher, Stacie Juenemann, Jordan Sharp, Mike Chrisman, Mike Ward, Julia Hadorn, Jeremiah Popelka, Julian Duarte All FAMED!

Caleb Gilmour, Leigh Anne Stelter, Jody Hipp, Jon Overacre and Nicole Mckinney, Chris Hipp, Mark Pahls, the State of Kansas....ALL FAMED!!

Week 13 Top Performers

Top 5 Associates in AP

Trent Schneider - $27,099

Jackie Kennedy - $17,014

Patty Zoeller - $16,616

Linda Jones - $15,234

Shirley Miscevich - $14,420

Top New Account Openers

Andi Berzani - 2

Chelsie Howard - 2

Triple Crown Award Qualifiers!

1st-Year Triple Crown celebrates agents who hit the ground running and deserve an extra measure of recognition for their achievements. 2nd-Year Triple Crown honors those who demonstrate a continued desire to achieve and who do so through hard work and determination. Triple Crown winners have proven that they have what it takes to rise to the top in one of the most competitive fields in business – sales. Congratulations to our Week 13 Qualifiers!

Fast Start Qualifiers - Derrick Slocum, Michaela Long, and Christy Bechard

Fireball Qualifier - Andi Bernazi

Super Fireball Qualifier - Jennifer Habig

Triple Crown Qualifiers - Nicole Rooney and Chelsie Howard

Top 5 DSCs AP

Jordan Sharp - $63,194

Michael Chrisman - $38,562

Julian Duarte - $37,175

Michael Ward - $31,715

Julia Hadorn - $25,785

DSC Quota Busters

James Cole - 517%

Jordan Sharp - 382%

Mike Chrisman - 366%

Rusty Helin - 365%

Mike Ward - 345%

Frank King - 303%

Angela Cook - 274%

Julian Duarte - 265%

Morgan Konrade - 250%

Bob Faught - 227%

Cheryl Maus - 212%

Dave Windholz - 184%

Jeremiah Popelka - 179%

Brian Leitzel - 165%

Julia Hadorn - 162%

AJ Chrest - 160%

Stacie Juenemann - 136%

Tammy Lockhart - 135%

Mark Harris - 132%

Jim Fletcher - 107%

Top DSC in New Accounts

Jordan Sharp - 5 New Accounts

RSC Quota Busters

Jody Hipp - We-Kan Region - 254%

Nicole McKinney: Team Impact - 232%

Jon Overacre - The Rockstar Region - 227%

Caleb Gilmour: Encore Region - 198%

Leigh Anne Stelter: The Mighty Ducks - 127%

Top RSC for Week 13:

Jody Hipp / We-Kan Region - $108,956 & 8 New Accounts - 254% MPI

"Free Pass" Don't forget if you qualified for AFAME in Q1 this is yours!
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Jessica Eskew

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