My Adventure Through the FLMNH by Preston Tomlinson

Nature on Display: This picture embodies the theme of nature on display because the museum placed a bird feeder to attract birds, which would enhance the natural experience. In the butterfly garden, visitors were emerged into their realm, for our entertainment. While we watched the butterflies in their natural habitat, the speaker was educating us with some fun facts. What I learned from this experience is that nature is all around us, we just have to actively pursuit, I could not learn that from looking at butterflies on the internet. By that, I found this butterfly garden enjoyable.
Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum gave me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that make me "love, respect, and admire" the land. In this picture, clothes from indigenous people are on display. This is an example of how they used nature to help their community. I also saw tools and weapons made from things found in the wilderness. This goes to show that nature plays a big part in one's culture. As a result, I felt compelled to conserve traditions and even adapt to other cultures by researching outside the museum and also maybe indulging in their fashion trends.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This adventure at the Florida Museum of Natural History was enlightening. I was able to observe how different species live, and also how previous ancestors used nature to survive. As humans, we have the responsibility to take time, and just enjoy this world. Take a step back and embrace the beauty, instead of always trying to change. We must appreciate the consistency in nature.By doing that, we will be closer to achieving the good life. Enjoying the things taken for granted will make the harder things easier.

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