DeltA Airlines Courtney O'Shea, Rebekah Seymour, Sam Worman, Charity Tilley, Michaela Schuch

Proposed Change

Establish the gold standard for customer satisfaction in the airline industry

What does this change Entail?

  • Customer Service Department
  • Costs
  • Amenities

How to make change take flight

  • Create Urgency
  • Form a Powerful Coalition
  • Create a Vision for Change
  • Communicate the Vision
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Create Short-term Wins
  • Build on Change
  • Anchor the Changes in Corporate Change


Created with images by skeeze - "airplane aircraft commercial" • bradleypjohnson - "269/365: D is for Delta" • Nicky Boogaard - "Delta Airlines 767-300ER on short final for runway 06"

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