Good Life Play By: gayathri srinivasan


The Spacial Experience

When I first walked into the Reitz Student Union, I was immediately excited to see a performance at the Constans Theatre. I had been to a few plays in other theaters and was curious to see how the stage and the presence of this theatre would be like in comparison. When I walked into the Constans Theatre I was shocked at how big the theatre was. It was nothing like I've ever seen. My seat was located towards the back, but that did not change my view on the theatre or the stage. As the lights dimmed, the audience quieted down and presented the aura necessary for a performance. Place is a necessary factor towards the Good Life, as certain environments create certain moods.

The Social Experience

I feel that experiencing the play with my friends really contributed to the experience more than if I were have to gone alone. Before going to the play, my friends and I went to get dinner and then left with enough time to get to the play on time. This created a great social environment to be in, even before the play started. This enhanced my experience and time at the play as my friends made the environment very comfortable and with them I was able to discuss the scenes of the play and have people to laugh with when something was funny. Sharing experiences with your friends contributes to the Good Life as you can build relationships and for friendships with people that you want by sharing experiences. This can also provide you with more perspectives than just yours. The Talk Back also provided me with information about the play that wasn't directly related to the plot which added to the social part of this experience. In the Talk Back they spoke about what it takes to get ready for a major production such as memorizing lines and researching on their characters. The dynamic between audience and cast was a really unique experience.

The Cultural and Emotional Experience

The timing for this place was probably back during the Industrial Revolution and was set in a factory and a school for ministry. There was more than one central theme and issue of this play and I believe it was about social problems such as rape and worker injustice. Before coming to watch the play, I had seen many stories in the media about rape and rape culture and knew that was an important issue in todays society. I feel as if there are so many stories and rape cases but the number of incidents do not go down. Instead I see more stories on the issue. The media always talks about women getting raped or harassed by men, but you do not see many cases of men being sexually assaulted by women. This play brought attention to the fact that anyone can be affected no matter your gender, age, skin color or religion.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, provides us with an opportunity for catharsis because it shows how there is an opportunity for anyone to come clean. At the end of the play, Michaud turns in the harassment report into the police even when the audience suspected that there was no way that the person who got sexually harassed was going to get justice. This provides the audience with a peace of mind and shows an example of how anyone can come clean at any given time.


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