Rehearsal Live Share New Web Site & App. Scroll Down.

A Web Site Dedicated To RLS

We launched a brand new web site, rehearsalliveshare.com, which will serve as the centralized location for news, information, and distribution related to the Rehearsal Live Share resource. We'll still maintain our existing rms.biz site. But we thought it would be helpful to have a dedicated space just for RLS. Check it out!

A Standalone RLS App

Up until now, Rehearsal Live Share has been a feature within our existing apps, RMS Coach (for MIDI content) and RMS Mix (for audio content). Going forward, there will also be a separate, named Rehearsal Live Share app. It is available immediately for MacOS and Windows, with other platforms coming as soon as possible. iOS is in the finishing stages - so the RLS app will soon be available for iPhones and iPad. Android and Chromebook will follow suit.

While the first version of the dedicated RLS app is nearly identical to our RMS Mix app, it is a demarcation point. It will allow us to develop new features faster, without having to worry about backwards compatibility. We believe it will resolve confusion about where to find RLS and be a springboard for great things to come.

We'll Keep It Coming!

  • Currently supports 20 person remote rehearsals
  • Synchronized
  • MIDI or standard audio (mp3, wav)
  • Multichannel playback and recording
  • So much more to come!