Clouds of the Sky By: landon campbell

High Clouds

Cirrocumulus Cloud

Indicate winter but fair weather; 5-12 km; unstable

Cirrus Fibratus

Dry and fine weather; 6 km high; stable

Cirrus Uncinus

Approaching warm front and rain; above 7 km; unstable

Cirrus Spissatus

Fine weather; 6-13.7 km; stable

Cirrus Floccus

Virga falls from it; above 6 km; stable
Medial Clouds

Alto Cumulus

Found between warm and cold fronts; 2-6.1 km; unstable

Alto Stratus

Rainy weather; 2.1-6.4 km; unstable

Altocumulus Lenticularis

12 km; warmer and windier weather; unstable

Altocumulus Perlucidus

Some precipitation and winds likely; 6-16 km; stable

Altocumulus Castellanus

Heavy showers and thunderstorms; 2-6 km; stable
Low Clouds


Light drizzle or small amount of snow; below 2 km; unstable

Stratus Translucidus

Cloudy day with light drizzle; below 2 km; unstable


Overcast and water clouds precipitation likely; below 2.4 km; stable

Stratus nebulosus

Completely cover moon and sun; 2 km; unstable

Stratus Fractus

May accompany precipitation clouds; below 6 km; stable
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Landon Campbell

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