India and China by: Jaiden Garza and Broc Jorgensen


Guatama Buddha

- China's main Religion: Buddhism

-Central Deitites: Yama, the god of death, Mahakala, the Great Black One, Yamantaka etc

Current number of practitioners: 535 Million people are still involved.

4 Central Beliefs: Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha and Magga

One of the historical scientific achievements is making paper, compass and seismograph. In the diagram below is a seismograph

Development of a written language: The two current dominant spoke languages and current written languages: Standard mandarin, Cantonese: Simplified chinese and Traditional Chinese.


Family is very important in the community and it's usually based on ancestors

What country colonized and controlled China? Britain, Germany, Russia, France and Japan

When did the colonizing country officially take control of China? 1860's

1860 China

What way was China controlled? Trading until 1999 the reason that china was colonized was because the trading routes opened up.

In 1948 China gained their independence from a revolution. Mae Tse Tung was the pivotal figure in China's independence/unification movement



Current population: 1.357 billion

Current rank according to their gross domestic product: 9.24 trillion

China Government

Xi Jinping is the current General Secretary of the communist party of China and chairman of the Central military commission. He holds the top offices of the party and the military.

China's women today:

Women that enrolled in school at any level has increased the establishment of peoples republic of China. The statistics are difficult to verify. The one child polict indicates that women continue to retains a lower social status than men.
The law strictly restricts couples to only having one child. IF the pregnancy has twins the two children ARE permitted but that's it. The law is so strict that the law only pertain to couples living in dense populated urban areas.

Problems China has today: Air and water pollution is a huge health problem. 70% of all fresh water in China is undrinkable. The problem is mainly by global warming.


The main religion in India is Hinduism. It's the 3rd largest religion in the world and Oldest religion in the world. The country of origin is India.
  • Founder: Hinduism doesn't have a founder as it wasnr founded as a religion.
  • Central Deities:Shiva (creator and destroyer) who destroys the old while creating new.
  • Vishnu (preserver) his two most popular incarnations are Krishna and Rama.
  • Devi (protecting mother) known simply as the goddess who appears in ever region of India.
  • Current Number of practitioners: 1,100,000,000

4 Central Beliefs

Truth is eternal, Brahma is truth and reality, Vedas are ultimate authority, everyone should strive to achieve Dharma, individual souls are immortal and the goals of the individuals souls is Moshka.
Hindi: 122,048 Bengali: 83,369,769

Historical achievement

YOGA!: Yoga is a hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline which contains; breathing control, balance, simple meditation, posture and relaxation. IT was developed in Northern India over 5.000 years ago. Yoga was mentioned in the old sacred texts.


  1. Historical role of women: Started out equal then started to decline 500 B.C.E. Women enjoyed to be different withing every family.
Family: Family is very much a part of life they teach children the importance of family and how to work in a family setting.

Social Mobility

Happens by marrying or going to school to get a better education and then get a job.

Monsoons: seasonal wind prevailing the South and Southeast of Asia blowing from the southwest between May and September bringing in the wet season. The dry season is October to April

Colonial Past:

Britain controlled India.
  • When did the colonizing country first arrive in India?: 1612
  • When did the colonizing country officially take control of India?:1858
  • How long and what was was India controlled?: 89 years direct. They were colonized because of trade routers they gained independence in 1947.
  • They gained independence by revolution and peaceful protests. The pivotal figure in India's independence movement was Gandhi.

Current population: 1.252 billion. Current rank: 1.877 Trillion USD

Women today: The women in India today are mostly educated and most involved in the government and exploited women in the world.

Caste System today: Brahmins, Kyshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras


The Government is established by the Constitution of India located in New Dehli the capital of India. They're also facing problems in the goverment system.


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