AquAdvantage Salmon J.D. McKay

This is an Atlantic Salmon. They are one of the biggest salmon species anywhere in the world. These animals roam the northern Atlantic Ocean between U.S.A. and Canada and Great Britain. However, these fish are starting to do more roaming than just between the U.S. and Great Britain. They are starting to be in science labs, growing faster than they already are.
This salmon was created to grow faster. The fish in the back are 2 fish at the same age. The longer fisher is an Aquadvantage Salmon. These fish take 16-18 weeks to grow instead of the usual 3 years.
The promoter used in the Atlantic Salmon comes from Ocean Pout. The Chinook Salmon gives the Atlantic Salmon the growth hormone to grow faster. These changes made the Atlantic Salmon almost completely sterile.
The Aquadvantage Salmon was created by AquaBounty technologies. It was made to have a fish that grows faster than the normal salmon, and it was large, so it could create a large food source quickly.
Pros of GMOs 1) GMOs are a quicker way to grow animals and make food. 2) GMOs can create a drought resistant plant to grow in third world countries, specifically in Africa. 3) If a plant is growing with weeds around it GMOs can survive the pesticide like making the modified plants ""round-up" ready.
Cons of GMOs 1)The GMOs could make large farmers control the farming economy and destroy small farmers. 2) The GMOs haven't been tested for problems down the road. 3) The GMOs could create allergies if an animal DNA is used in a modified animal.
I believe that GMOs are bad if they are used in America, but they can be very beneficial in third world countries. In America, I believe small farmers are important for the people and environment, but the small farmers could be out of jobs because large scale farmers would rule the farming economy. The third world countries could use a good, stable food supply to get the country onto its feet and start some success, and GMOs are just the thing to do it.

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