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Sell + Spin A history of Advertising.

  • Way to get people conscious by giving images and video. Advertising person a person sees daily is 3000.
  • Selling has always been important.
  • Providing the product- making people feel like they need the product. Adventism is to notify failure.
  • Personalities as products.
  • Sell anything to anybody. Come to wear the flavour.
  • The product depends on the Brand.
  • Leo Burnett Created personalities of the products.
  • We connect with values and the things we can connect with.
  • The product also depends on the gender.
  • Delight the eyeball- created by illusion.
  • 450billion per year to advertising.
  • 250million dollars 30 million dollars for the advertisement.
  • If the product doesn't appeal to the market it doesn't matter how much you spent on it.
  • Ancient adverts were made live.
  • Images and texts are combined and being painted on the wall.
  • The printing the press allows you to press the text on the paper and make multiple papers and the start of multimedia.
  • Competitors tore aways some of the other people's ads.


  • Media saturation
  • Branding- What a product represents
  • Objectification: Seeing/ Treating a person, usually a woman, as an object.
  • Gender Roles: For woman roles are often represented as a house wife or a sex object. For men, role are often being represented as the breadwinner and being served by the woman
  • Dismemberment: Cropping & fragmentation of the female body in media images which encourages objectfication. Often this is in the legs or the parts of the torso
  • Metrosexual: A neologism( a made up word) to represent a changing economic trend in male shopping and representation dating from the 80s. Key feature of a metrosexual man is that he cares about his appearance and quality. He still cares about getting women but he wants a good quality presentation.
  • Spornosexual:
  • Lumbersuxual/ Urban Lumberjack:


Male Representation

  1. How did he attract an audience?
  2. Why specifically is his Volkswagen campaign so commonly cited as an example of outstanding advertising?

Rosser Reeves 'The hard sale'

  • Unique selling proposition' (USP)= reasons why
  • how is a product different from others in the market?
  • Repeating endlessly to increase retention.

Bill Bernbach

  • Creativity and art can truly blend.
  • Used humour to connect with viewer.

Advertising regulation refers to the laws and rules defining the ways in which products can be advertised in a particular region. Rules can define a wide number of different aspects, such as placement, timing, and content. In the United States, false advertising and health-related ads are regulated the most. Two of the most highly regulated forms of advertising are tobacco advertising and alcohol advertising. (Wikipedia)

What are these advertising?

What claims are being made for the products?

What image are they portraying?

Could companies make the same claims for these products today?

Why/ Why not?

Identify the groups of people who appear to be most vulnerable to advertising. That is, who are the regulators trying to protect?

Adverts for which products are most strictly regulated? Why do you think this is?

In a group, discuss whether you think adverts need to be regulated. What harm might they do (if any)?

  1. Must not promote anything bad and make unrealistic claims
  2. Must not project men and women and objects {ideal body shapes}
  3. Must promote the actual product and the man/woman in the advert is not a distraction to the demographic.
  4. All should be wearing appropriate clothing.
  5. Appropriate for all audiences.
  6. Make it relate to the topic or the idea.
  7. Is it sexist, racist or etc. (It should not be)
  8. Does it offend a certain culture or a religion
  9. Should Not contain controversial content.
  10. Should not only be targeted towards one particular audience/gender.

Anna winston short film

  • Not for kids
  • Threatning images
  • Deadly
  • Horrifying music
  • Unrealistic
  • Gothic
  • Flashing images

Why is this a bad advert? This advert was made by student and this can scare some young audiences. The children that view this film's trailer might get nightmares.

NightFest Promo

  • Whispers
  • Flashing images
  • Alcohol
  • Cards
  • Scary music

Why is this a bad advert?- This is not appropriate for the because of the use of the alcohol shot also because this advert's audience is for school and students. Playing cards are making an impression of gambling and students shouldn't be playing withi cards at school


  • All are girls
  • clothing
  • Lesbian
  • Girls play the role of males in the dance
  • Inappropriate body contact for their age
  • One girl proposing to the other girl

Why is this a bad advert?- This is a bad advert because it promotes lesbians. It is disturbing because the the girls are young to love in this age

  1. How many complaints were received? 4128
  2. What is the nature of the complaints (link to the advertising regulations)
  3. What was the ruling (upheld or not upheld)
  4. What explanation was the given for the for the ruling?
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