Golf by Christopher Hetterich

My Pseudocode(for the project) - Look at the directions and requirements, make a design in my head for the robot, build the robot, make a flowchart for the program, make a program, test the program, and keep track of any changes.-

For my first build, I used an ultrasonic sensor but I need to use a color sensor so it is more effective so I need to change my build and programs

My first build
My Flowchart
Fist Long Drive Program
First Mid Drive Program
First Close Shot Program

This is my robot after some changes. I put on a color sensor and added more weight to the club to hit it harder. I also changed the programs for the color sensor.

My Robot Build After Changes
Second Long Drive Program
Second Mid Drive Program
Second Close Shot Program

I moved the color sensor to the other side so the club can hit the back of the ball. I also made the program move back more so the club can hit it dead on.

Third Long Drive Program
Third Mid Drive Program
Third Close Shot Program

I also added a program that was between the drive and mid drive power

The 75% power program

On hole 1, I got an 8 because I had a very unlucky shot in the beginning. The practice shots were perfect but when I finally hit it, It went off coarse. I got it in the hole on my 8th shot.

On hole 2, I got an 8 because I was using the wrong program for close up(the 75% program.)

On hole 3, my robot preformed the way it should by getting a hole in 3.

On hole 4, my robot had the first set up shot perfect, and on my second shot, I put it up the ramp, and just left of the hole and it came down the ramp and went to a very bad position behind a chair. I couldn't recover from it.

What I learned was that I need to know which program does what because I mixed up my programs on the second hole.


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