Book Report By Katie Yuen in S2B



Author:Mary Pope Osborne

Published in scholastic


Main character:HMS Challenger, Anna,Jack


Jack and Anna read a book called 'Deep Sea'. Accidentally, they went back to 1870s. They met a man called Henry and his team'HMS Challenger'. With the help of Henry,they experienced wonderful adventures. When they encountered a shipwreck, an octupus rescued them. HMS Challenger wanted to catch this octopus but at last they set it free.

My opinion

I think this book is different from the others 'Magic Tree House'book because it has also written the history of the explorers in 1870s . On the other hands,this story also told us not to kill other creatures in this world for no reason. These days, people always kill animals for themselves, such as shark, tiger and elephants.Everyone should care about all living creatures.


'We can conquer our fears through knowledge.' 'Our fears can best be conquered through compassion'. I like these two quatotion because they give me positive energy. In addition,a lot of people cannot do these things. If we learn more, we will not be afraid of anything. Also,compassion can also conquer our fears.I will try to execute these things in order to become a better person.

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