Jane Goodall by Hannah!

Jane Goodall helped a specific type of animal. Scroll down to learn more.

On July 26 1960, at the age of 26, Jane Goodall travelled to Tanzania and entered the world of chimpanzees.
All she had was her binoculars, a notebook and her interest of chimpanzees. After more than 50 years, not only had she found a way to protect chimpanzees, but also helped to make people more aware of the environment. Today, Jane Goodall travels around the world, encouraging people to make a difference.

Facts about Jane Goodall:

1. Jane Goodall was introduced to chimpanzees for the first time when she was a baby. Her father offered her a toy chimpanzee when she was a one year old. Jane Goodall loves her fondly and named her Jubilee. Even now, Jubilee lives on her dresser.

2. Jane watched animals from a very young age. Once, sat for five hours in her family's chicken coop to see a hen lay an egg. When she came out, she realized that her family was overwrought and had called the police to say she was missing.

3. Jane Goodall wrote books such as Through the window and Beyond innocence.

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