Jim Crow Daniel wahlberg

In 1868 John W. Men are of Louisiana was elected as the first black congressman but was unable to ever be allowed to serve his term because the white senators would not let him

The first ever African American senator was Hiram Rhodes Revels who was elected as the state representative for Mississippi

This is a article about a letter written by a certain member of congress apologizing for slavery. In it he talks about how the U.S government apologized for what they did to Japanese man in World War Two this was also a way to influence japan to apologize for their use of "comfort women" while the senator was thinking about this he thought of something. Why has congress never apologized for there own citizens. He then continues to say that they have apologized for all these things but they have not apologized for the enslavement of African Americans.

More than 360,000 black men served in World War I. The country welcomed them home with 25 major race riots, the most serious in Chicago. White mobs lynched veterans in uniform. Black Americans fought back. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, founded in 1909, and the Urban League publicized abuses and worked for redress.

The wage gap today between races is a product of wage gaps all the way back to Jim Crow. The quality of the education that both races get mainly cause the wage gap. This is because people commonly viewed black people as less or more stupid than them so the didn't give them better jobs

Here you can clearly see the difference between the wages for blacks and whites for the same jobs.

The school part of this diagram shows what I was saying earlier where whites were sent to better schools than blacks which makes it harder for them to get better jobs

These laws show that the government did what the white people wanted and made it so black people were less than them.

Black people were even segregated during their jobs in many states if their jobs were interracial.

In Jim Crow in some states all most every thing was segregated even the schools were segregated which also allowed whites a better education than blacks.

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