Starting War in one Article alex halliday

This is an article by The Advance. The author of this article is Gerry Allen. There are highlighted sections of the article. Highlighted parts say, "A properly trained Muslim male will gladly murder his mother, his wife, his children, or anyone who does not conform to his religious beliefs. He sees virtue in totally dominating women and girls. He sees evil in allowing females to get educated and step out of the shadows. Actually, they really don't favor educating anybody in anything but mayhem... He is a Muslim himself or at least a Muslim sympathizer... They have been mostly unsuccessful because they can't build anything much more complicated than a donkey cart... I think we should send all Muslims back to their native land and be extremely careful about which of them we allow to come back. We should sell or give them small arms and explosive material. They would probably be content to blow each other up for at least a thousand years or so more years and achieve martyrdom."

This article is pertaining to the issue of race. It attempts to discuss how and why the Middle East is constantly a warzone. The author of the article is trying to say that the result of all the "deterioration" of the Middle East is that it "is a place with fanatically held beliefs." The author is constantly attacking the Muslim community, saying that Muslims do not care about their women, education, and thinks that any Muslim living in America or Canada should be considered this kind of person. It is demeaning, racist, and so single-minded.

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