This is nature at it's best!

Relax and enjoy this beautiful paradise.

Get to know this exquisite monument

Get to know the big city.

We'll plan and take you to any destination you want. We want you to be happy and make memories with loved ones. Travel, make memories, enjoy.

Our packages as low as $12,000, here's how!

  • our flight to Bora Bora is $1510 dollars for a one way trip.
  • expedia//22 hours, 35 minutes, makes 2 stops and is $2271
  • airfares flights// 28 hours, makes 3 stops, and is 2369.42
  • The hotels in Bora Bora are as low as $255 per night.
  • Hotel Maitai// $255 per night, includes a bar lounge, coffee shop and cafe,beach bar, and free wifi.
  • Sofitel Bora //$328 per night, includes free wifi, free breakfast, and a outdoor pool.
  • Le meridien Bora Bora// $797 per night, includes free wifi, private beach, grocery store, coffee shop, and a bar/lounge.
  • The snorkel cruises prices at its lowest $91.60 with the same luxury as the expensive prices.
  • Private Bora Bora lagoon snorkel cruise// $91.60 a day and the duration varies.
  • Bora Bora lagoon cruise and 4wd tour// $153.21 and you can make appointments whenever you are available.
  • small group Bora lagoon snorkel cruse// $176.25 and bbq island lunch is included

If you want to go to Bora Bora to australia it's as low as $2,000.

  • Travelopod// $938.09 and the flight takes up to 27 hours 35 minutes.
  • Travelopod// $1,699 and the flight takes up to 29 hours 35 minutes.
  • Travelopod// $1,700 and the flight takes up to 31 hours.
  • Mantrala Hervey Bay// $165 for 2 nights that includes a spa, free sauna, fitness center, outdoor pool.
  • No free wifi
  • Car rental
  • Great barrier reef diving and snorkeling cruise// $117.85 includes hot meals throughout the day.
  • Great barrier reef scenic helicopter tour// $255.47 with the whole safety package included.
  • Green islands day trip from cairns // $71.47 with scuba diving included.

Flights from Australia to Switzerland

  • Swiss airlines// "Fast tickets" $1,101.50" duration 11 hours 20 minutes
  • Singapore airlines// $2,209.50 duration 8 hours and 15 minutes
  • Emirates airlines// $1,406.20 duration 12 hours and 40 minutes

Hotels in Switzerland

  • The River House Boutique// $194 per night, Includes Free WiFi, Restaurant,Hotel bar.
  • Crown// $252 per night, includes, Free WiFi, Free Breakfast, Restaurant, Bar, Smoke-free.
  • The Chedi Andermatt// $581 per night ,Include, Free WiFi, Free breakfast, kid- friendly, hot tub, fitness center, spa, bar, Room Service.

Swiss Alps Day Trip

  • Jungfrauoch Top of Europe Day trip// $ 221.10 for a day, includes, ride a cogwheel
  • Bernese oberland alps day trips from lucerne// $ 127.52 Per night, includes, travel by coach through the Bernese Oberland's fairytale
  • 3-hour private guided city tour in interlaken//$339.09, enjoy freedom, explore nature and private 3 hours

Switzerland to Florida keys flights

  • Tap Air Portugal// $416.64 and the flight takes 14 hours and 10 minutes
  • Tap Air Portugal//$450.64 and the flight takes 25 hours and 25 minutes
  • Tap Air Portugal// $454.89 and the flight takes 30 hours and 35 minutes

Hotels in Florida Keys

  • Holiday inn express and suits marathon//$466 for 3 nights this hotel includes, free breakfast, free wifi, and fitness center
  • 24 north hotel I key west// $660 for 3 nights, includes family rooms, free WiFi, outdoor, pool, non-smoking rooms
  • H20 suites// $1,067 for 3 nights, includes patio, private pool, pool/garden view and free WiFi

Activities snorkeling in Florida keys

  • Sun diver// adult tickets $33.95 per person and full gear set $8.00 per set
  • Spirit snorkeling//$40.85 from 1-4 p.m with everything included.
  • Sunset water sports// $40.00 per adult, length of tour is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Florida keys to yellowstone

  • Delta//$409.70 and it takes 7 hours and 25 minutes with one stop
  • Delta//$482.80 and it takes 11 hours and 20 minutes with two stops
  • Delta//$516.30 and it takes 18 hours and 20 minutes with one stop

Hotels in yellow stone

  • The Cody// $478 for 2 nights, it includes parking, indoor pool, airport shuttle, and free wifi
  • Mountain modern hotel//$664.20 price for 2 nights, it includes free parking, free wifi, non smoking rooms, and family rooms.
  • Spring creek ranch//$880.00 for 2 nights, it includes free parking, free wifi, non smoking rooms, family rooms, airport shuttle, and spa.

Activities in yellowstone

  • Mamoth hot spings tour// $715.00 and up, includes cabin and lake swimming.
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