Alumni Spotlight Patrick Sen '15 | Men's Hockey

  • NAME: Patrick Sen
  • CLASS OF: 2015
  • SPORT: Men's Hockey
  • POSITION: Forward
  • COACH: Rob Haberbusch
  • MAJOR/MINOR: Economics / Math and Russian Studies

Why did you choose Hamilton?

Hamilton was able to offer both high-quality academics and athletics, a mix that I was looking for.

How did being a student-athlete help you in life?/What did being a student-athlete teach you?

The student-athlete experience was helpful in many ways - but the importance of teamwork sticks out. It’s hard to understate the ability to play to your individual strengths, while complementing your teammate/co-worker/colleague’s strengths.

How did Hamilton prepare you for your future?

Hamilton really helps you become a quick study. Between school and athletics you’re put into situations that encourage the ability to absorb and digest information quickly- I’ve often found this helpful after college.

What is your most memorable sports moment(s) at Hamilton?

Tough to pick just one, but the energy and focus around the NESCAC post-season is very memorable. That was always an exciting stretch of the year.

What is your favorite moment(s) at Hamilton? (non-sports related)

Lots of great memories but presenting my senior thesis was a moment that I’ll never forget. It’s definitely a challenge I’d encourage any current or prospective student to consider.

What do you miss the most?

Definitely my teammates, it’s rare to have a group of your closest friends around all the time.

Where are you now? (career, location, family, etc.)

I work as a commercial real estate analyst at Marathon Asset Management in NYC. I’m fortunate to have plenty of Hamiltonians around me in New York, including more than a handful of teammates.

What advice would you give to current student-athletes?

I would offer the same advice I got from an older alum: practice how you want to play. A lot of the habits you build in college will carry forward into your post-collegiate life.