The Divine and the Good Life By Curtis Stump

This is before the 2:00om showing of the play. Even though I was positive the play was in the Reitz Union I still thought it might be at the Phillips Center. Luckily I checked here first.

The Spatial Experience

Constans Theatre was a very enjoyable venue to have the play. When you first walk in it is clean and the lobby is visually appealing and inviting with many picture and statues. So when I first entered the theatre I was surprised because I have never been there before and did not know how clean and large it was on the inside. My seats were a very good location for being able to see everything, I was in the middle and 7 rows back. So I was not to far forward where it hurt my neck to see everything but I was not to far away where I could not see. This overall helped my viewing experience because it was easy to stay focused and see everything that was going on in the play. I have not been to play since we would go in elementary school on field trips, so when the lights dimmed I was flooded with memories from those days. The Auditorium was not too big either so all the actors could still be heard without it feeling like they were screaming. Place is important when it comes to the Good Life because where you are will contribute alot to how the information you learn is perceived. For example if the play was in a run down shack it would have been harder to focus on the play and the venue would overshadow the performance.

The Social Experience

I attended this play with my friend Kyle, he was the one who took the picture before and after the play. Our play was at 2pm so to get ready all we did was get dressed and eat beforehand. Going with someone makes the entire experience better. You have someone real time to share the thoughts you are having. It also helps having someone you know there so if you are unclear about a part you can ask them without annoying a stranger. Shared experiences are one of the most important aspects of the good life for me atleast. What is the point of life if you cannot share you stories and advice with other people. Some of my favorite memories are from being out with my friends and just living life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play helped me learn alot, particularly the working conditions of a poor working factory town and the struggle between religion and theatre. I always knew that during that time period of industrialization factory owners were getting away with child labor, long hours, and poor working conditions. However, this is the first time it has ever been visualized for me. Before now I have only read about it in books. This really brought it to life for me and how badly it would be to be placed into those conditions. I also never knew how much clash there was between theatre and religion. I used to think they went hand in hand and theatre was often used to promote religion. However, in the play it showed the clear divide between the two and how teatre can be used to pull people away from the church. I also never knew how much influence could have over small things such as the ticket sales for a play. The only realy similarity to this play in the real world is how much your parents and entire family sacrifice just so you can achieve your goals. In the play all of Talbot's family works just so he can go through ministry school, this is similar to how my parents work but still part of there hard earned money so I can get an education.

The Emotional Expirence

The big Katharsis or coming clean in this play was about the subject of Religion. We think of the church as a place to promote love and really only be concerned about the lord. However, in the play we get to see the churches side agenda and attempts to control the thoughts and actions of the town. By talking badly about the play they got people to refuse to buy tickets and go to the play which was coming to town. This is not something a church should be doing. They also make Michaud choose between two passions of his. They try to make him denounce sarah and tell her that she cannot perform. Religion is always a sensitive subject to debate but the play perfectly gives the audience a chance to examine its "less-than-noble" sides.

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