Engaging The Eels A Comedy Sportscast

This podcast follows Dale Thompson as he interviews the greatest (and strangest) Sports team in the world: The Annapolis Achilles Eels! A team composed of dedicated members, Like the Cyborg Francis Rocks, the Assassin Sandra Peach, or the Insane Coach Stein. Together with his co-host Jack, Dale will find out just who theses people are and what happens... when you engage the Eels


The Creators: Casey Paddock, Nathaniel Leigh, Afarin Mirzadeh, and Liam Verster

The Team

Coach Friedrich Stein, Captain Francis Rocks, Martin Block, Sandra Peach, Tom Gordy, The Great Wizard Allbedone, and the Other guys

The Crew

Only Known photos of Host Dale Thompson and His Co-Host Jack

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