DTC #33: A Walk in the Woods On a small stretch of road, in the East side of town, not all trees are created equally.

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Start the journey with plant based tapas in a forest setting.

Continue on to pony up some change for a “private” neighborhood show.

Finish the trek with cocktail and dancing in an unassuming local legend.

The Chandelier Tree is the creation of set designer Adam Tennanbaum and his acrobat roommate. One day Adam was given three extra chandeliers from a shoot he worked on and decided they’d look good in the tree. The rest is history.

📷: @superbabyhookergenius2

Stop 1

Plant based tapas & sunset vibes

• 1 hr til sunset •

📷: @lauraloiuseoates

Passing into the sleek, smooth interior of Little Pine you’re calmly greeted before you begin your stroll into the woods. Multicolored decadence and images of trees pop amongst the pale and natural furniture in your private corner of the forest. The staff opens your bottle of wine while introducing their mission and must haves. Being a plant based restaurant you have no reason to feel guilty as you select handfuls of dishes to be devoured between gulps of Zinfandel. The sunset dims the interior as candles are lit setting the mood for a most beautiful dining room. After you’ve finished your sin and, most certainly desert, it will be your turn to ignite some beauty on another kind of corner.

Alternative: If you'd like to go with a meat eating option check out wolfdown on the same street. Enjoy murderer.

Stop 2

The trail narrows to a local legend

• after sundown •

📷: @fotospotapp

Taking the immediate left just steps into your wooded stroll reveals the local art so simply coined The Chandelier Tree. Slip some change into the ancient parking meter and click! A sound to surely bring you back to childhood. The ornate collection of dangling lights ignite the street corner along with your inner imagination. For a moment it’s a fairy tale. As the people walking dogs, families corralling kids and a couple lovers park their car nearby you’re taken out of the dream only to pass on the torch. It’s time to head deeper into the woods, this time with a bang.

Stop 3

End your journey with a (s)pot full of gems

• post Chandelier Tree •

📷: @thevenuereport

After entering the dark entrance of Tenants of the Trees you realize it’s actually a portal to a honey pot of fun. Heading to the back patio you scuttle past hipsters grooving slowly to the DJ and couples closely telling yarns on their perches. A bartender in the outside camper pours you a stiff cocktail as you find your place to take a moment to soak the evening in. The tempo builds alongside your conversation much like journeymen of old at the campsite after a long days hike. This may seem worlds away but honestly, how different has your days hike been through this concrete forest we call Los Angeles.


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