Bringing Togther Daniel and Seneca By: Ivy, Hannah, Collie, and Reed

Diversity is important because it changes the way a group works and the way people interact with each other. “In fact, the worst kind of group for an organization that wants to be innovative and creative is one in which everyone is alike and gets along too well,” - Margaret A. Neale. This quote shows that diversity has a big effect on the dynamic of a group. Diversity may at first have negative effects and cause conflict, but in the end it’s helpful. Diversity is a big deal and it teaches us how to get along with each other and different races. “As Gurin concludes in her report, students who participated in interactions with diverse peers were comfortable and prepared to live and work in a diverse society”.This is proof of the effects of diversity. But, diversity doesn’t always help “a group with diversity performed worse on a problem solving task. So, diversity can have positive and negative effects.Explanation

Our plan is to have a football game with Daniel and Seneca. But not with them playing against each other, playing together. The idea is to have mix the groups, so the teams have some Daniel kids and some Seneca kids. This will help us have a healthier relationship with our rivals and perhaps make friends with them.


This could present a problem, however, because it may be hard for these two groups to get a long and play nicely. But I think, after a little while, people will begin to enjoy themselves and become more open minded.


These two groups are both high schools, so they're pretty similar. One would think they'd get along. But this rivalry drives them apart. These two high schools are both passionate football. So this is why Daniel could reach out a hand.


There are quite a few benefits to having this event. It would bring two communities together and create friends. It would perhaps get the ball rolling towards the end of Daniel and Seneca's rivalry. It might even start more events like this.

Citations: Katherine W. Phillips. “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter. Scientific American. Oct 1, 2014. Pages 20-21. Heather MacDonald. “Schools and Businesses Should Promote Diversity. Race Relations: Opposing Viewpoints. 2002. Pages 23-24.


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