Angeline's Hass Journal

The swan river colony facts ,primary,secondary source

The Swan river colony was created in 1829

captain Arthur Phillip and 1500 convicts,settlers and civillians arrived after afew years(about 2 years) The place they landed at was Sydney cove.

The Swan River Colony (Western Australia)

On 1830 ships had arrived carrying about 1500 settlers that were independent but excluding settlers . 2 more ships had arrived carrying 400 emigrants .

On September 1838 There was about 2,135 people at the swan river. Colony .

Primary source

The pinjarra massacre {western australia}

The pinjarra massacre were filled with aborigines and they were fighting with their animies . The pinjarra massacre happened during 1834 but there was a small group of settlers that came from Murray.

Primary source

Swan river colony video,

The swan river colony was established during the 1820's but it was a British settlement ,in 1832 swan river colony was renamed WA-(Western Australia ) KiWebAE8

Secondary source

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