Limits on RELIGIOUS freedom in india by jackson feigin

I researched limits on religious freedom in India because I wanted to see just how much India was denying people their right to religious freedom and what I found was absolutely astounding. India may seem like the most accepting country in terms of religion but after doing some research I figured out that it is quite the opposite.

In the constitution of India it states that everyone is entitled to the freedom of religion but India today seems to be lacking this constitutional right. One of the many things india has done to keep the breakaway religions to a minimum is take account of who is Hindu and who isn't. There have also been bans on certain religious practices like the Anand Margi practice of performing tandava nritya. This made community leaders very mad because the Indian government were denying them their rights. This is very unfair because now people of outside religions in India are being denied their right to practice their religion

After researching this topic I have many questions I would like to ask. For example, what other things besides religion are being taken away from the Indian people by the government, or Is the Indian government doing this for a good cause and if so what?

This issue informs lots of Americans on the legacy of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other breakaway religions. There is a group called the United States Commission on Religious Freedom (USCIRF) and they are making it a huge priority to make India a more accepting country. When representatives from USCIRF came to India they wrote a report saying how religious freedom rights had been violated and a high intolerance for Christians and Muslims had grown. This shows the legacy Indian religion has on The United States of America.

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