Boundaries By: Kevin L Sarmiento

Mount Everest is a part of the Himalayas in which is made because of the Indian and Eurasian Plates crashing into each other also known as Convergent Boundary

- Mount Everest, Tallest Mountain in the World.

The Andes Mountains, which is in Chile is another example of the things that happen whenever too plates are putting pressure under and causing grounds to rise.

This again is a part of Convergent Boundaries

This Mountains are the Alps, This ones are caused because of the crashing of Eurasian and African Plates in Italy which has also caused many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

This is again another example of how amazing geography that Convergent Plate Boundaries do.

The San Andreas Fault is one of the first examples of Transform Boundaries. This Boundary means Plates slide by each other and this can cause drifting and of course the powerful San Francisco Earthquake.

This is a example of a Fault which is caused by Transform Boundaries

One of the most obvious causes by the Transform Boundary is of course the San Francisco Earthquake that woke up the City in the 1900s and killing lots of people.

This is what Transform Boundaries are capable of...

Another probably unknown to lots of people. This is the New Zealand Boundary in the Indian and Pacific Seas. It looks way more affective and also runs in the Ocean.

This is a Transform Boundary with this Fault

The African Rift Valley is one of the visible evidence of a new sea being formed. This in the near future will be a Ocean and would start the new Pangea

This is a divergent example.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge which is the biggest underwater mountain range in the world is spreading. As the name says its located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and extends out until reaching Antartica.

This is one of the Biggest examples of Divergent Boundaries.

The Seperation of Iceland is the last example because Iceland is the only country undergoing a serperation do to the divergent boundary.

This is the final example of a Divergent Boundary.

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Kevin Sarmiento / 8th Grade

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