Indice Semiconductor Innovations in Power Management and Control

Indice Semiconductor was founded in 2014 to commercialize a broad range of Intellectual Property (IP) in power conversion and management. The applications for the Indice IP are broad from high performance digital audio amplifiers and power inverters to LED lighting.

HD Digital Audio

Indice has developed IP that will deliver sound quality that rivals a studio-reference tube audio amplifier, in a solid state digital design. Dramatically lowering cost and size while maintaining world class sonic performance.

US Patent 9,813,077 B2

US Patent 9,444,439

US Patent 9,357,598 B2

LED Lighting

Indice first commercial semiconductor products were for the extremely demanding MR16 lights. These LED lights replaced pendant halogen lights. Success in the market required tiny PC board size, broad compatibility across magnetic and electronic transformers and robust dimming performance. The Indice chips were used in some of the most recognized names in lighting in Europe, Japan, Australia and the US.

US Patent 8,476,841 B2

About Us

Allen Alley - Executive Chairman of the Board


Steve Zadig - Board Member


Randy Steck - Board Member


Aaron Brown - Co-Founder, CEO


James Hamond - Co-Founder, Former CTO


Corporate Office

5755 Jean Road, Suite 103, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

For information regarding Indice Semiconductor products, or IP licensing contact:

Allen Alley, Executive Chairman

email: Allen@AllenAlley.com

ph: 503.862.8235


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