A Study in Orange CU 1010

Studying For Exams

I will be using three different study techniques to help enhance my studying and learning productivity. Then I will compare my exam grades from 'before' and 'after' implementing these techniques into my study schedule.

Flash Cards

I will be using flashcards largely for the vocabulary that I need to remember for biology. There are several important words that I need as a basis for the rest of my understanding and through flashcards I will be able to learn that vocabulary better. My biology instructor recommends that even if we aren't necessarily tested on the vocab, we should know it because it is the building block for all the synthesis that we will need to do on exams.

An example of some of my flashcards that I use for biology. Some of them have definitions while some have lists that I need to memorize, like the 12 organ systems.

Recite and Record

For recite and record, I used this largely in physics and biology. What I do is I go through all of the slides that my instructor provides for me and look at whats written. I read it out loud and write it down. Then I elaborate on it further in my notes, explaining it to myself in a way that I understand.

I'm writing the laws of thermodynamics that the instructor provided and discussed in class and re-wording them into something that is more understandable to me, so I can learn the material better.


For self-testing I will be using it largely for my math class. The way that I have found I learn math the best is through constant practice and repetition. So getting extra old tests and problems to practice and test myself on I think would work very well.

Also it would be very helpful in biology and physics, creating charts and diagrams of different systems and laws that I need to fill out so that I can have a greater understanding of those systems.

In this I wrote out the blank steps of a biological system in sharpie and would test myself by filling it out in pencil so that I could erase it and return to it again if need be.
In studying for math I went over an old test that they provided us with and was able to test myself on how well I did without looking at any of the material. From there I could also look at what I did wrong so that I didn't do that on the actual exam


'Before' Exam Grades:

  1. Biol: 72.5%
  2. Physics: 91.8%
  3. Math: 71%

'After' Exam Grades:

  1. Biol: 70%
  2. Physics: 98%
  3. Math: 78%


As you can see in both physics and math my exam grade went up but about 8%. However, my Biology exam grade went down by 2%. However, I believe that this has more to do with the fact that I did have less time between when I started this type of studying to when I took my Biology exam (compared to when I took my math and physics exams). So overall I believe that these were all effective methods of studying for myself and for future use in my third exams. The "recite and record" as well as the "self-testing" are definitely techniques that I will be using in the future, however, I feel as though the flashcards didn't help me as much as they could have. They were largely time consuming and difficult to organize the information onto.

The flashcards, and recite and record were both helpful in my memorization and early on/last minute review studying. However, they both only could help so much because they were both made mainly for memorization. The self-testing, helped me in studying and reviewing the course information as a whole, or studying different processes that I needed to know the inner workings of. They also helped prepare me for the testing format that I would be confronted with in the actual exam.


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