Amerigo Vespucci By henry Chilcoat


He was born and raised in Florence Italy with four siblings

His family was close with the Medicis, the rulers of Florence

Before he was an explorer he was first a steward, merchant, banker, and owner of a ship buisness

He went to Spain and had a chat with Christopher Columbus before sailing

first voyage

He took it with Alonzo de Ojeda and a crew.

Amerigo and Alonzo decided to split and take North and South

Up North, Alonzo angered a Native tribe, who attacked, causing several deaths

Down South, Amerigo Discovered the Amazon River

They met up again and explored Hispanolia

They returned with valuable Brazilian wood and slaves

Voyage II

He was on the voyage for the king of Portuguese, for more money and land

He found present day Rio de Janeiro, found new constellations, and studied Native Americans

When he returned, he realized the land wasn't Asia, but an entire new continent

When he returned, he was appointed to the position Pilot Major of Spain

Some people think he went on up to six voyages but records are hazy, if there are records

He died of Malaria at 58

A German map maker mapped the world + the new land

He named it America after him, it ended with an A because like ships, continents are females

He wanted to change the name later, but the previous name had already stuck



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