LOSS. "Memories are powerful things".

'Good times come and go, but the memories will never fade'

Understanding loss.

"Every story has an ending"

In our lifetime we all experience some sort of loss. It may be of a family pet, or losing a friendship, and losing someone that we care about. It's normal to be sad when losing someone you care about, but it's important to know how to help ourselves to deal with these feelings.

What to do?

Remembering the good times.

We all have memories. Looking back on these memories can help us feel better when we are sad. Looking back on old photographs help us remember the good times.

looking back on these special moments can help us remember the good times and celebrate. Maybe it was the time you played in the park with all of your friends, or a family holiday. These memories help us understand how lucky we are to have these memories.

Activity: Scribble down 3 of your happiest memories, decorate them and keep it safe so you can look back when you feel sad.

Going back to places.

Why not visit somewhere new, make more memories.

We sometimes forget how the simply things in life bring us happiness. Maybe it was the time that you went to the forest or trailed the woods. Going back to certain places that remind us of a person we have lost. Going back to these places can help us look at these memories and be thankful that we had these amazing memories to keep.

We all have different places that we have the best memories at. Having somewhere you feel happy and safe at is important to help you through this hard time.

Activity; Write down 3 places you used to go to and have the best memories at with the person you lost. Ask a family member to maybe visit with you and take pictures so you can always remember.

Do more of what makes you happy!
Don't worry be happy!

Whenever we feel sad or really low we do things that make us feel better, maybe its listening to your favourite artists, playing a sport, going for a walk or spending times with the ones we love the most.

Its important to stay positive and keep on going, finding something you enjoy can keep you busy and make you feel a little less sad.

it will be hard but the simple things in life can bring us joy and help us understand why things happen and how we can help ourselves.

Activity: spend some time of your day doing something that make you happy and write about it, so you can keep it forever and look back on it when you feel sad.

Keeping a memory box.

We all have things that when we look at them it takes us back to a certain time. It could be a certain smell, sound, taste or the way something feels.

Activity:It maybe a good idea to keep a memory box of all things that help you remember the good times. You could keep pictures, items and other things that are valuable to you.

A memory box can help you collect your memories.

Extra help!

There are many different websites, landlines and charities that can help you to deal with the loss of a loved one. Here are some extra places you can visit and ask for advice.

Winston wish is a charity that helps young children who have lost an important person in their life.

Childline is a very useful website that can help you with all different types of things, it haas a very useful section where you can talk to a 1-2-1 counsellor. Everything is kept between you and them.

I hope this has helped you. If you ant anymore advice please visit the links above. Talk to people who you trust.


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