Apps that i regularly use: Facebook, Whatsapp, Musik, Messenger, Instagram

I downloaded that apps because all my friends were using must of them and for me to talk with them and musik because i like to hear music and its my way to think in other things rather than school

Apps easier to use: 1-Whatsapp 2-Messenger 3-Instagram 4-Musik 5-Facebook, it is the order i thing the apps would be because some have more functions than others and makes it harder to program

each app was designed to a certain group of people to cover one need from them, from distraction to finances and all that stuff, it covers from kids to young adults, every app can be able to cover a need from someone, the need for what the app was created
apps easier to use: 1-musik 2-Whatsapp 3-Messenger 4-Instagram 5-Facebook. the harder ones are because they have much more features than the easier ones, for example in musik you just search and download music that you can hear whenever you want but in Facebook you need to have a basic knowledge of how it works so that you can use it properly.

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it is possible to create an app that can measure if the user is falling or the rotations it could make or movements but it could need lots of work and create and app that understands every different variant

the app will have hierarchy because it will tell in order from closest to the farthest restaurant from the user, it will be continuous because it will tell all the restaurants from where you can order in your country and simplicity so that it would be easy for the users to use the app

i think the most appealing things that i found in some apps where their colors, some innovative designs and in games the image that they have and also the name, most users would like to just enter the app and order and thats why the app should start with what the people wants so the app will start with all the type of restaurants the people could order from and then the food that the restaurant offers and there would always be a option for the user to fill its profile so that it could be easier to use

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