Florida Museum of Natural History Good LIfe nature activity/ By: caroline house

Random Contemplation of Photos (House, Caroline. The Florida Natural History Museum, Gainesville. 14 January 2017.)

Nature on Display

I had an amazing time touring the Butterfly Rainforest at the the museum, it was my favorite part of my visit. I loved that the exhibit was contained in a large mesh and glass greenhouse enclosure which let in plenty of natural light and almost made me believe that I really was still outdoors. All of the vibrant flora and fauna assisted in making the experience more exciting as well. It would have been quite difficult for the exhibit to not have captured my attention when there were so many beautiful butterflies fluttering about, but I admittedly enjoyed seeing the kids and birds as well. From my experience in this medium in particular, I learned what plants some of Florida's natural butterfly species are attracted to and was able to view many of them closely. Without being within the enclosure, it would be near impossible to have such an easy view of the butterflies. I particularly enjoyed being able to learn about Florida's state butterfly and viewing the release of some newly hatched butterflies.


Butterfly on a Flower
Me (Caroline House)
Pretty Flowers
Butterfly Taking a Nap

(House, Caroline. Butterfly Rainforest. The Florida Natural History Museum, Gainesville. 14 January 2017.)

Nature and Ethics

Me (Caroline House) Having Difficulties Fathoming a Ancient Sloth (House, Caroline. Florida Fossils. The Florida Natural History Museum, Gainesville. 14 January 2017.)

The Natural History Museum permitted me to experience nature similarly to how Leopold viewed it. After getting to see all the interesting fossils and extinct animals from eons ago, there is a wall dedicated to all of the newly extinct species native to Florida. These animals have gone extinct in large part to loss of habitat, tying in to Leopold's conservation efforts. Seeing the land for more than simply a potential earning would do well for the planet, the animals included. This made me feel both guilty and morose for both the planet and ourselves, as most don't fully comprehend the value of what we are losing. I sensed the severity of the path we are going down as a world and reflected on what impact I could make do make improvements. Others around me seemed to quickly breeze through the exhibit and didn't seem to be emotionally effected by it. The Natural History Museum allowed all of the visitors the opportunity to connect with nature by understanding our its exciting past. I now personally feel much more responsible ethically for the well being of our world than I did prior.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum helps us to step out of our ordinary lives as we are able to step back and appreciate others' history and culture. In opening our minds to new things, we also in turn evaluate our own existence and ways of living. Learning about different traditions and peoples can be quite exciting and eyeopening. This practice helps us to better understand ourselves and value our world.

Terrible Lighting and the Human Spirit (House, Caroline. Northwest Florida. The Florida Natural History Museum, Gainesville. 14 January 2017.)
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Caroline House


(House, Caroline. The Florida Natural History Museum, Gainesville. 14 January 2017.)

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