Cold War Dinner party by payton jones

Lyndon B. Johnson present night out with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyndon is the 36th president of the united states.

Invitations goes to

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy 35th president of the united states

Marilyn Monroe

American model and actress.

Lucille Ball

Actress, model, comedienne, and producer film.

Francis Albert

American singer, actor, and producer

Ronald Reagan

Actor, politician, and sports

Huey P. Newton

Black panther and politician activist.

Yuri Kochiyama

American activist.

Malcolm X

African American Muslim minister and human rights activist

Martin Luther King Jr.

Baptist minister and civil rights activist

Dolores Huerta

Labor leader and civil rights activist

Cesar Chavez

American labor and civil rights activist.

My Theme:

A red and white champagne party



Mini Pizza
Caesar Salad


Crab, Lemon, and Rice


Seating Chart:


Lyndon B. Johnson what your game plan for being president


I'm determined to improve relations with Latin American through peaceful economic cooperation and development which would also inhibit the rise of communist learning insurgent such as Cuba Fidel Castro. Would we ever be together??????

Marilyn Monroe

Are you with Jackie??

Lucille Ball

what kind of film you are in?

Francis Albert

I do musical, drama, and romance film. what kind of film you are in.

Ronald Reagan

Black and white film and drama what makes a good makes a good political activist

Huey P. Newton

what makes a good political activist is standing up of what is right its about make a change for the community. what did you fight for?

Yuri Kochiyama

I fought for Japanese American internees and the rights of imprisoned people

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